Thursday, July 31, 2014

CBC - Related Articles

Supposedly these are supposed to provide background to the article and aid in understanding the situation for their readers, but look at them:

All of them seem to condone Israel's behaviour in some fashion:

1) Israel's killings have strong support from the Israeli public. Of course, this does not suggest the possibility that the Israeli public is overwhelmingly colonialist, militaristic, fascist and racist.

2) Stephen Harper's "blame the victim" stance shames all Canadians, but it is supposed to explain the situation???

3) "We have to take care of our own" - without a suggestion that if the Israeli stopped abusing the Palestinians they would be able to "take care of their own" without killing the children of others.

4) So Israeli pilots are not craving war. So what, they are still murdering civilians and children on a massive scale. What does it matter what they crave???

What moron in CBC actually thought that these particular nonsensical, misleading articles were worth highlighting as background to this story? Or was it not a moron, but a malicious Zionist that inserted them? Your guess as good as mine.

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