Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hamas & Israel Crimes are Equal?

Look at this CBC headline on July 30:

Israel, Hamas both committing war crimes, says UN official

So both sides are committing war crimes? OK, but are the non-targeted toy rockets of Hamas even comparable to the massive, targeted ordinance of Israel? No, not even slightly comparable.

Suppose CBC was reporting on a fist fight fight between a 250 pound soldier and a ten year old child. Suppose each of them tried to kick the other in the balls. Would the CBC headline be, BOTH MAN AND CHILD ARE FIGHTING DIRTY. No, that would sound absurd. There is no need for the man to fight dirty - he can win with hardly any effort, but the child probably will lose no matter what he does.

Is the dirty fighting by the man EQUAL to the dirty fighting of the child. Not in a million years.

The man is guilty and is despicable. The child can be forgiven, as he had no other option.

Why does CBC, and our despicable Prime Minister Harper, never recognize the disparity of power and accuse the party that is a thousand times more guilty, Israel?

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