Thursday, July 24, 2014

Disgusting Juxtaposition

Look at this headline and sub-headline:

Gaza conflict: Israeli fire hits compound housing UN school, killing 15

'We started this operation to return peace and quiet to Israel, and we shall return it' — Netanyahu

The act of bombing the school is horrific. It deserves to stand alone as an example of Israeli war crimes. But CBC must "balance" it with an inane and misleading quote from that war criminal Netanyahu.

Nowhere does CBC explain that Netanyahu's definition of "peace and quiet" means a return to the status quo of comfortable living in Israel alongside routine abuses, killings, house demolitions, land confiscation, destruction of olive trees and properties of Palestinians, etc. What is "peace and quiet" for Israel is Hell for Palestinians. Why should Canadians sympathize with Netanyahu's desire to re-establish "peace and quiet" under his disgusting definition????

Why couldn't CBC let the horror of the Israeli murders stand alone? Why does CBC always try to cover up for Israel? What is the reason for this? How are Canadian interests served by this degenerate reporting?

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