Saturday, July 12, 2014

"Death to Arabs"

In reporting the killing of the Palestinian boy in Jerusalem, CBC emphasized the angry reaction of the Palestinians, with their crowds of demonstrating and stone-throwing people. In effect, they downplayed the killing itself and focused on the anger of the Palestinians. 

But CBC failed entirely to describe the actions of the Jewish mobs in Jerusalem that rampaged thought the streets pulling Arab merchants out of their shops and Arabs out of their cars, and beating them up. The Jewish mobs chanted "death to Arabs" and must have terrified the Palestinian residents of their shared city.

Of the two riotous incidents, the latter was the worse, because the Israel police and military handled the Arab crowds, often violently, but there was no one to protect the Palestinians when they were being attacked by the Jewish mob.

Again we have to ask CBC why one riot was so highly news worthy and the other was not. This is another clear evidence of misreporting and bias.

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