Thursday, July 31, 2014

CBC: Toy Rockets Equal Firepower of World's Fifth Largest Military

CBC never fails to hold Hamas EQUALLY accountable for war crimes as Israel.

How can the actions of Hamas be even vaguely be considered equally criminal to the actions of Hamas.

Hamas sends up rockets with little explosive power and no ability to be targeted. They should not be doing this, but they have NOTHING ELSE to fight with. They feel the need to resist oppression but this is the only weapon they have.

Israel on the other hand has one of the world's most powerful military machines. It has OPTIONS coming out of its ears, but it has chosen the bloodiest, most immoral one - the mass bombing of areas crowded with civilians.

Hamas represents an oppressed, occupied people and is mounting a feeble resistance. Israel is the oppressor, occupier, colonizer, ethnic cleanser attacking a virtually helpless people in order to further its evil campaign of colonization, and oppression.

Israel's crimes are a thousand times worse than Hamas. No, they are ten thousand times worse. How can CBC not report this?

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