Thursday, July 24, 2014

CBC: Are You Scared Yet?

CBC has routinely ignored the absolute asymmetry of the so-called "fight" in Gaza. Asymmetry in power; asymmetry in casualties; asymmetry in suffering. In a false kind of balance, CBC seems to pretend to give equal weight to each side. In fact they are as equal as a "fight" between a 250 pound, heavily armed man, and a 50 pound, unarmed ten year old. It is not a fight - it is an abuse, a bullying, it is a crime.

But CBC really went out on a limb today in distorting the relative strengths of Israel and Gaza, in a lengthy article detailing all the weaponry held by the resistance fighters in Gaza:

Even after launching by Hamas of more than 2,000 rockets already, the Israelis estimate that thousands more remain from an original supply of 6,000 in the hands of Hamas itself and another 4,000 in the hands of the hardline militia, Islamic Jihad.

Those include the heavy M-302 rocket with a range of 160 kilometres, enough to hit most of Israel, the official said, adding that it had captured and destroyed many of those before the recent conflict erupted.

Many other rockets, he added, were destroyed by the Israeli Iron Dome missile defence system. But he said smaller missiles, despite having smaller payloads, were harder to hit because of their size and limited time in the air. These include the M-75, with a range of 75 kilometres, the Grad, which reaches 45 kilometres, and the homemade Qassam rocket, with a range of just 17 kilometres.

Imagine if CBC also did an article on the weaponry being used by Israel against the people of Gaza. Imagine the pages and pages of text required to list all the sophisticated guns, bombs, airplanes, tanks, etc. Imagine if the firepower of Israel were actually compared to the firepower of Gaza. It would be like comparing grenades to firecrackers.

So why so much detail about the basically ineffectual Hamas rockets? It is obvious a continuation of the propaganda ploy of claiming that the assault on Gaza is a defensive act, not the ethnic cleansing it really is. Why does CBC do Israel's dirty work?

Here is the text of the article on the "threat" of Hamas:

The Western world "cannot tolerate" the strategic threat posed by a Hamas with newly uncovered "state-like" capabilities in rocketry and tunnelling, a senior Israeli defence official told reporters in Ottawa today.

This is ludicrous, asinine, absurd, ridiculous. Why is this worth repeating, without a single word pointing out how ludicrous, asinine, absurd and ridiculous this is? Why does CBC make itself an echo chamber for this nonsense? This is murderous nonsense. These are weaponized words. These should not be repeated without having appropriate scorn thrown on them.

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