Wednesday, June 25, 2014


In the article mentioned in the previous posting,the names of all three Israeli kids are given, in full, not once but several times, as well as the full name of the mother of one of the boys.

FOUR Palestinians were killed by the IDF in the search for the boys. What are their names? CBC, why are the names of Israeli settler kids more newsworthy than the names of Palestinians? And what is the name of the Palestinian mother whose 16-year old son was killed? Where is her picture? Is her nightmare not worse than that of the Jewish mother who at least has hope her son will return home? The Palestinian mother has only despair, no hope to see her son alive again.

And why no details about how the Palestinians were killed? Were they unarmed? Probably. Were they killed execution style by a sniper? Maybe. These details certainly should be newsworthy, especially if they corroborate international criticism of Israeli tactics.

Why are the Israeli teenagers more worthy of Canadian interest, or even concern, than the murdered Palestinians? Probably the Palestinian teenager died as a hero defending his home from foreign occupiers. The Israeli teenagers were probably just very arrogant and foolish. Certainly no heroes. They probably had the typical arrogance of the Israeli settlers in Hebron who treat the Palestinians who out-number them like dirt, because only Israeli have guns.

Why should we care so much about these boys and be totally indifferent to the death of the Palestinan hero?

Because CBC is racist. That is the only explanation. Israeli lives have value, Palestinian lives do not. This is absolute proof of racism.

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