Tuesday, July 8, 2014

CBC Racist

The CBC headline on July 8 is: "Israel intercepts rocket aimed at Tel Aviv".

The sub-headline says 14 killed in Gaza.

In the article it  casually notes two tiny children were killed by Israeli bombings.

Why isn't the headline "Israeli Bombings killed 14, including children"?

Isn't the killing of children more significant than a ineffectual rocket which was easily shot down any way?

What are the names of the children killed? Where are the pictures of their crying mothers? We got plenty of this kind of information when three Israeli teenagers were killed. Is it not racist it treat the death of Palestinian children and babies in such a cavalier fashion?

Why did CBC not emphasize the helplessness of the Gaza people? They have no Iron Dome to protect them, and Israel uses massive force that is a thousand times greater than anything they have against Israel.

Why does the article repeat Israeli claims that they are just responding to Palestinian violence? This is a LIE. Israeli violence against Palestinian has been extreme over the past three weeks. Over a dozen innocent mPalestinians including several children were killed in Israeli abusive searches in the West Bank. These abusive searches are still ongoing. Now Israeli forces are also massacring Palestinians in Gaza. Why does CBC keep describing these travesties of justice as acts of retaliation by Israel to acts perpetrated against it? Only racists and Israelis can so blatantly ignore what Israel is doing to Palestinians. CBC is supposed to be Canadian, not Israeli.

Does the word "offensive" truly describe what Israel is doing? It intimates that there is some kind of war situation, with offensives and counter-offensives on either side. The reality is that Israel is a thousand times more militarily capable than the Palestinians, and although the latter try to show their legitimate anger by firing little rockets, what Israel does to them is a thousand times worse. It is only offensive in the sense that it is indecent. Otherwise it should be classified as abusive, bullying, and massacring.

CBC - learn English! Israel is ATTACKING a defenseless territory that it effectively is occupying. Why do you hide this reality behind the wrong use of language? Are you acting as propaganda agents for Israel or just incompetent?

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