Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gaza Injured Not worth mentioning for CBC

In a July 19th article CBC goes into great detail about the Israeli attacks on Hamas tunnels, but avoids going into any significant detail on the other major part of the Israeli attacks which is causing the mass murder of Palestinians.

The following paragraph from the article speaks volumes about CBC racism and bias:

Palestinians reported intensified airstrikes and shelling as the death toll from Israel's ground offensive rose to at least 342 Palestinians, including many civilians. Five Israelis — three soldiers and two civilians — have also been killed since the fighting began more than 10 days ago, and dozens of Israelis have been injured as Gaza rockets continue to rain down on Israeli cities.

The horrendous death toll of Palestinians is given just a nod, while the emphasis is on the suffering of the Israelis. It mentions about the dozens of Israelis injured by the rockets, but DOES NOT EVEN BOTHER to mention the THOUSANDS of Gaza people injured by the Israeli bombings.

How can injuring dozens be more relevant than injuring thousands? How can the latter be not even worth mentioning?

Also the reference to "many civilians" above is as good as a LIE. The majority of those Palestinians killed and injured ARE civilians!!!

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