Monday, July 7, 2014

Headline: "Gunmen killed"

CBC's headline announced that 7 Hamas gunmen were killed by Israel yesterday.

In the article it claimed that Hamas announced that "gunmen" were killed. It is extremely unlikely that Hamas described the dead as "gunmen". This sounds like Israeli reporting. Why does CBC actually claim that Hamas said this? CBC cannot tell the difference between truth and Israeli propaganda.

But CBC happily refers to "terror sites" being targeted by Israel. Again Israeli words used to describe things. 

In the same article CBC reports on the numerous rocket attacks on Israel, but fails to note that no one was hurt and no significant damage was done, nor that the places attacked were stolen from the Palestinians? Killing 7 was a lot more violent than sending over harmless little rockets.

In the same article CBC refers to tension in the region due to the killing of three Israeli teenagers, but fails to mention the killed Palestinian teenager which is much more significant in explaining the increase of firing of toy rockets into Israel.

No balance. No context. No truth. CBC is lying to Canadians. Who does CBC work for?

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