Friday, July 11, 2014

CBC - A True Weaponized Word Warrior

CBC, its managers, its reporters, and its founders, that means you and me, all have innocent blood on our hands. Modern wars cannot be fought without the connivance of the media, and CBC is fully complicit in using words to justify and promote violence and war against innocents and children. This is shameful and must be rectified.

CBC's reporting on Israel/Palestine over the past several months has been totally unbalanced, racist and war-mongering. As Israeli mass murders Palestinians in Gaza, and our disgraceful Canadian leaders cheer them on, CBC has added its assistance to these murders by hiding the crimes of Israel and emphasizing Israel's suffering from homemade rockets that so far have killed no one (while Israel has killed 90 and just getting started).

CBC chooses to present the news from the perspective of the Israeli side. This is propaganda and war journalism. This is not real news. These are weaponizing words so that killing can continue and not cause outrage from decent Canadians.

A perfect example of weaponized words is the following:

CBC never uses the active voice to describe Israel's killing. It uses weak wording, like referring to Gaza's "dead", or uses the passive voice, saying a certain number "were killed". CBC is so careful not to express the reality of the cold-blooded killing going on.

However CBC thought it was worthwhile to quote the disgusting, weaponized words of Israeli's, when like a typical mass murderer, they blame the deaths of their victims on the victIms themselves. Israel's President, Peres, is quoted sayIng that the killing of Palestinians is the fault of Hamas, not their Israeli killers. Why is this disgusting claim worth quoting?

Another Israeli is quoted saying Hamas is responsible for the death of Palestinians because it hides amongst them. How can CBC honor this statement which essentially justifies Israeli killing of civilians as an act of complete innocence. Why does this warrant reporting by CBC?

Incidentally there is reason to believe that this is a lie. Past conflicts have shown that Hamas does not place civilians at risk by using them as shields.

The same Israeli spokesman claimed that Israel avoids civilian casualties. Why is this worth repeating over and over again by CBC when the reality proves it false. Most of those killed by Israeli mass bombings are civilians, and they know they are killing them, and they intend to go on killing them.

By quoting Israel killers, without commentary, CBC is using words designed to prolong the conflict and increase the killing of innocents. These are weaponized words.

How is the Canadian public served by these weaponized words? CBC has blood on its hands, and Canadians are misinformed and thus being made complicit in murder by the dishonest staff of this so-called Canadian institution.

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