Friday, August 1, 2014

CBC Propaganda

This was the article on Gaza on August 1st:

Gaza conflict: Israeli soldier reportedly captured as ceasefire unravels

Palestinian authorities say at least 50 killed and more than 220 injured in fighting today

The Israeli military said one of its soldiers was captured by Palestinian militants during clashes in southern Gaza as a 72-hour ceasefire that began today quickly unravelled.

The Israeli military said that 90 minutes into the truce — as Palestinian families who had fled neighbourhoods that had been turned into battlefields began to trek home — militants attacked soldiers searching for infiltration tunnels in the southern Gaza Strip.

"Forces [from Israel] operating to decommission an [infiltration] tunnel were attacked. Initial indications are that a soldier has been abducted by terrorists during the operation," Israel Defence Force spokesman Lt.-Col. Peter Lerner said in a conference call with journalists.

There was no immediate word from militant groups on whether any were holding the soldier, identified by the military as 23-year-old Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin.


Two things;

1) Notice that the possible capture of one of the colonial, mass-murdering Israeli soldiers is the top headline, while killing of 50 Palestinians, probably mostly civilians, is given secondary importance in a sub-headline. Since when are fascist soldiers so dear to Canadians?

2) Notice how yet again in the "related articles" is the disgusting statement by Harper that the Palestinian victims are guilty of their own deaths. Of course, when the disgusting Canadian Prime Minister says something, regardless how disgusting it is, the CBC should report it, BUT does it belong in a headline? and is it appropriate to keep repeating it as a one-liner in every subsequent article? This is how propaganda works. Tell a lie, and then repeat it often, and it becomes common knowledge. Why is CBC doing propaganda for Israel????

Further in the article there is this quote:

The White House issued a statement saying the reported attack [on the Israeli soldiers], if proven true, would be a "barbaric" violation of the ceasefire.

OK, CBC thanks for writing this with a straight face. When will the White House or even CBC call Israel's mass killing of Palestinian children "barbaric'?

Finally, CBC has decided to give a hint, only a hint mind you, and buried at the end of the article, of part of the reason why Hamas is fighting so hard and exposing itself to so much suffering:

Hamas has demanded the lifting of an Israeli and Egyptian border blockade imposed on Gaza in 2007 when the Islamic militant group seized power, as well as the release of Palestinians rounded up in the West Bank in June following the killing of three Israeli teenagers.

Up to 400 innocent members of Hamas were wrongly imprisoned by Israel in the weeks before the rockets started flying. When our moronic Foreign Minister and evil Prime Minister say "Hamas started it", like the infantile cretins they are, they were ignoring the fact that Israel generated uncontrollable anger in Gaza by its behavior before the rockets started flying.

CBC failed to properly report the Israeli abuses at the time in June, focusing more on hand-ringing about the three Israelis, and practically ignoring the Palestinian teenagers killed in the so-called "manhunt" in the West Bank. BUT at least CBC should have given these facts more clearly and prominently as part of the motivation for the Hamas rockets.

So CBC is twice guilty; first for under reporting Israeli abuses; and then again for not given these abuses the recognition they deserve in explaining the rockets.

How many mistakes can CBC make before we see a pattern? Is this just incompetence, or is it intentionally misleading?

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