Monday, August 25, 2014

Hamas "Demands"

CBC always has lots of room to quote Israelis, especially when they justify their massacre in Gaza, but why has CBC not bothered to report on what it calls Hamas' "demands"? The following is by Gideon Levy of the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz:

Read the list of demands and judge honestly whether there is one unjust demand among them: withdrawal of Israel Defense Forces troops and allowing farmers to work their land up to the fence; release of all prisoners from the Gilad Shalit swap who have been rearrested; an end to the siege and opening of the crossings; opening of a port and airport under UN management; expansion of the fishing zone; international supervision of the Rafah crossing; an Israeli pledge to a 10-year cease-fire and closure of Gaza's air space to Israeli aircraft; permits to Gaza residents to visit Jerusalem and pray at the Al-Aqsa mosque; and an Israeli pledge not to interfere in internal Palestinian politics such as the unity government; opening Gaza's industrial zone.

These "demands" are simply the demand for a normal, decent life. By not reporting them,CBC can continue the Israeli propaganda stance that Hamas is an unreasonable enemy whose demands must not be tolerated. Is the word "demand" real appropriate to describe an appeal to be given a decent life and have one's human rights respected. Do we really need to "demand" human rights or are they supposed to be granted without being demanded?

But CBC clearly stated the Israeli demand - that Hamas must disarm. This is the unreasonable demand, because Israel has made not commitment to stop its campaign of creeping ethnic cleansing against Palestinians. Israel is saying that Hamas must disarm, but Israel can continue kill Palestinians with impunity. The West Bank is effectively disarmed and the Israeli killing, house demolitions, and checkpoints and humiliation have never stopped there. Israel is demanding the same IMPUNITY in Gaza. How reasonable is that?

Also it is interesting to note here that Israeli newspapers, like Ha'aretz, give a more balanced reporting on the Israel/Palestine conflict than does CBC. There is something very strange about the fact that CBC cannot even meet an Israeli standard of impartiality, and must be so imbalanced toward the Zionist perspective.

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