Monday, August 4, 2014

Gaza Ghetto Assault Continues

On August 4th, CBC continues its faulty reporting on the Israeli assault on the Gaza Ghetto. The headline is:

Gaza conflict: Ceasefire slows violence in Gaza

In the article there are these weird lines:

Israeli media reported that a gunman on a motorcycle shot and seriously wounded an Israeli soldier. Police searched for the shooter in east Jerusalem.

"We believe there is a great likelihood this was a terrorist attack," Piranti said.

How can the attack on a soldier in the middle of a violent conflict like the murderous assault by Israeli soldiers on the people of Gaza be called a terrorist attack? Terrorism must always be an attack on citizens, never on soldiers. It  cannot be called terrorism if the target is a soldier. Why does CBC present this stupid quote from yet another Israeli without comment? Does CBC really believe attacking Israeli soldiers is terrorism even while they are mass murdering others?

And this one is simply a BALD FACED LIE:

Israel launched the military operation in Gaza on July 8 in response to weeks of heavy rocket fire. It has since carried out more than 4,600 airstrikes across the crowded seaside area. On July 17, it sent in ground forces in what it said was a mission to destroy the tunnels used by Hamas to carry out attacks inside Israel.

Israel is butchering people in Gaza for its own nefarious reasons. CBC has no right to claim that Israel is responding to Hamas attacks. This is a LIE. It is the Israeli lie, but it is still a LIE. And there were not "weeks of heavy rocket fire" - it was only a few days, and it was the Hamas response to Israeli brutality in the West Bank's, so-called by CBC, "manhunt" in which 10 Palestinians were killed, and hundreds imprisoned, and thousands of homes attacked.

Why does CBC repeat, not once, but over and over again, Israeli LIES?

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