Saturday, August 2, 2014

Colonialist Assault on Gaza Ghetto

Would CBC ever present a headline like the one above? No. Too close to the truth. and the little truth CBC tells is hidden deep inside articles, never in headlines which are always designed to misinform.

Gaza conflict: Missing Israeli soldier declared dead

Military says 23-year-old Hadar Goldin was killed in battle that shattered temporary ceasefire

Notice the multiple headline attention, and multiple photos of this handsome Isreali soldier who was killed in a fight with Hamas fighters.

Compare this to the attention given to the over 1,600 Palestinianms, mostly innocent civilians killed by Israeli soldiers just like this one.

Why so much care about a soldier in a mass murdering army, and so little care for his victims? Isn't something backwards here? The whole CBC reporting on Israel/Palestine is backwards, inverted, upside down - no relation to reality.

For CBC Israel is the victim. Nonsense! For CBC Israeli soldiers are good guys and Hamas resistance fighters are the bad guys. Nonsense - unless you would  support the Nazi soldiers that destroyed the Jewish resistance fighters in the Warsaw Ghetto as the good guys.

Or is CBC just racist? One Jewish life is more precious that the lives of hundreds of Gaza children?

This degree of racial hatred of Arabs needs to be addressed. Someone needs to look at the staffing at CBC and root out these racists.

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