Sunday, August 3, 2014

Gaza Ghetto

CBC bases all its reporting on Israel/Palestine on an upside-down view of the place.

The colonial Jewish settlers who have virtually no genetic connection to the land, have driven the indigenous people off the land, and are conducting a slow-motion campaign of ethnic cleansing, which involves a tremendous amount of abuse, injustice and killing. However in the Zionist view, these colonialists are the victims, and the people are the bad guys. What could be more upside-down than that?

The colonial settlers and ethnic cleansers have a right of self-defense, but their victims do not. Does this make any sense?

This is a view developed and propagated by Zionist propagandists, endorsed by Canada's cretinous and malicious leaders (including Justin Trudeau), but it is one that journalists should be able to see through and debunk. CBC's adoption of this absurd view, and propagation of it, reveals either incompetence or dishonesty.

Here is the headline on August 3rd:

Gaza official: Strike near UN school kills 10

Strike reported in Rafah injures at least 35 others seeking refuge from Israel-Hamas fighting

Notice how carefully CBC avoids saying "Israel forces killed...." When a Hamas rocket killed an Israeli citizen, the headline was clear, saying "killed by a Hamas rocket".

Also notice how people are dying in "Israel-Hamas fighting", without recognizing how out of balance the conflict is, and covering up the fact that Israeli killings are war crimes of the first degree, characterized by Nazi-style reprisals against citizens and mass murder of civilians.

CBC - we all know the name of the Israeli soldier. Where are the names of the 150 people killed in reprisals against his supposed capture. Like in occupied Europe during WWII, when some Nazi soldiers were killed by resistance fighters, the whole male population of the towen of Lidice was executed. What is the difference between Nazi soldiers and the Israeli army?

If CBC were reporting the siege of the Warsaw Ghetto, would CBC ignoring the suffering of the captive Jews, and mourn only the injuries suffered by the Nazi soldiers. Something is seriously upside down here.

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