Wednesday, August 6, 2014

More of the Same

As the ceasefire continues, here is how CBC summarizes events to date:

The war broke out on July 8, when the Israeli military began bombarding targets in Gaza in an attempt to stop Hamas from launching rockets at Israel and then nine days later it sent in ground troops to destroy underground tunnels it said were built to attack Israel.

But in the weeks leading up to the war, Israeli-Palestinian tensions had already been rising following the June killings of three Israeli teenagers, whose bodies were discovered two weeks after they disappeared in the West Bank.

Israel accused Hamas of being behind the abductions, and subsequently carried out a massive ground operation in the West Bank, arresting hundreds of Hamas operatives as part of a manhunt. And in early July, an Arab teenager was abducted and burned alive by Israeli extremists in an apparent revenge attack. Six Jewish Israelis were arrested in that killing

Notice how lopsided this summary is.

1) Israel started bombing Gaza to stop Hamas rockets. No word as to why the rockets were coming in. Also, here CBC is stating as a fact  something that is probably an Israeli lie - Israel had other motives for attacking Gaza, and the rockets were just a pretext.

2) In explaining the events before July 8th, again CBC mentions the "manhunt" for the three Israeli teenagers, but does not even come close to describing how abusive it was - up to 9 Palestinians killed in the "manhunt" (including one teenager), 400 innocent Palestinians arrested (many of them recently released by Israeli in a prisoner exchange, so Israel was reneging on the exchange), and over 1,000 homes broken in to by Israel soldiers and thousands of terrorized women and children.
CBC does not even give a hint that perhaps this explains the anger by Hamas and their rocket fire.

3) It describes the killing of the Arab teenager in Jerusalem as a "revenge killing", but two unarmed Palestinian teenagers were butchered by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank in May. CBC ignored these killings (they were only Arabs after all), but perhaps the killing of the three teenagers was a "revenge killing" for what happened in May. But CBC would never suggest that because that would undermine the absurd narrative that the Arabs always started it.

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