Sunday, August 10, 2014

August 10

It is interesting to see how CBC completely avoided using the phrase "Israeli forces killed....." in the headline and throughout the article.

Gaza conflict: Israel, Palestinians accept Egypt proposal for 72-hour ceasefire

A month of war has killed 1,893 Palestinians and 67 Israelis

Throughout the article they refused to use the active voice and clearly explain that Israel has done a massive amount of killing. It is always "the war". When in fact, it was not a war. It was far too unbalanced to be called a war. It was a massacre of Gazans. 

CBC should have said "The Israeli massacre of Gazans killed almost 2,000 people". Not the war!

Also more quotes from Netanyahu, without context:

"The operation will continue until its objective - the restoration of quiet over a protracted period — is achieved," he said in public remarks at the weekly cabinet meeting. 

Yes, Israel wants a return to the status quo, which was quiet for Israel and Hell for Palestinians. His statement seems reasonable without this context. If CBC does not provide the necessary context they should not be constantly quoting the war criminals.

And here is a cute turn of phrase:

Since Friday, Palestinian rocket and mortar salvos have focused on Israeli kibbutzim, or collective farms, just across the border in what appeared to be a strategy of sapping the Jewish state's morale without triggering another ground invasion of the tiny Gaza Strip.

A month of war has killed 1,893 Palestinians and 67 Israelis while devastating wide tracts of small, densely populated Gaza.

Note that CBC finally offers an explanation for the Hamas rockets saying "they are designed to sap Israeli morale", but  CBC would never dream of saying why Hamas needs to sap Israeli morale - which is to try to end the horrible abuse of Palestinian rights coming from Israel. No, we have to assume the Hamas just wants to sap Israeli morale, because Hamas is evil.

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