Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More CBC Context Out-of-context

On August 12th CBC 's article on the ceasefire had this paragraph:

Israeli representatives are not meeting face-to-face with the Palestinian delegation because it includes Hamas, which Israel regards as a terrorist organization. Hamas for its part is sworn to Israel's destruction.

CBC which is so unwilling to provide meaningful context to the situation in Israel/Palestine, felt compelled to add the highlighted bit of context above. It was added to support Israel's propaganda claim that they have an intractable enemy.

However if this bit of context was itself put in context, CBC would have to add at least two other bits of background:

1) Hamas wants to see the end of a Jewish state in the territory of Palestine which discriminates on its non-Jewish citizens, and is constantly stealing more land from non-Jews, and humiliating them. Hamas does not say that all Jewish people living in the territory of Palestine must leave. So destroying Israel is shorthand for ending this human rights abusing state and creating a better one where all people are treated equally.

2) The greater reality is not that Israel is about to be destroyed, but that Israel is successfully destroying any possibility of a Palestinian State.

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