Sunday, August 23, 2015

Islamist, But what about Judaists? Christianists?

CBC is so comfortable with the term "Islamist" They use it all the time, as does our disgusting Prime Minister in Canada.

But what does it mean? I know what it implies. It implies that when people who are Muslims do terrible things it I somehow directly related to the fulfillment of their religion. This implication is false, but it has a strong resonance with prejudiced people - the kind that CBC wants to create.

Over the last several months Jewish extremists in Israel and Palestine carried out many heinous crimes including burning famous Christian churches and killing infants. These are religious extremists, and in their case there is no doubt at all that they believe themselves to be following the dictates of their religion. Why do we not call them "Judaists'?

Because that would imply that they are truly following the dictates of Judaism when they commit heinous acts. That would not be tolerated by CBC  and all its Zionist staffers. But implying that Muslims who do terrible things are acting as proper Muslims, is perfectly acceptable to CBC.

If this is not bias, then what is? If this is not an attempt to misinform, then what is? If this is not bad journalism, then what is?

And while we are at it, just think of all the fundamentalist Christians like Timothy McVeigh who commit acts of terrorism. Why are we not calling them "Christianists?"

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