Friday, July 31, 2015

Better than Nothing

CBC finally reported on an Israeli crime against Palestinians today:

West Bank fire bomb attack kills Palestinian toddler

In fact last week in three separate incidents unarmed Palestinian men were killed by the Israel military, and this was not reported by CBC. In fact brutality by settlers against Palestinians is routine and a daily occurrence but CBC ignores this. Finally they reported on this one horrible incident.

But notice how the headline  refuses to name the perpetrators. "West Bank" is so neutral. A proper headline would use the words "Jewish terrorism". CBC never shies from using the word "terrorism", why not use it here?

In the article CBC quotes their beloved Israel spokesmen saying how they will punish the perpetrators, but why does CBC not point out the difference between how Jewish terrorism is treated and Palestinian terrorism? The Israeli hunt for the killers will not include massive raids on innocent peoples homers, mass arrests, and even murders of bystanders, which would be the case if an Israeli child had been killed by Palestinians. There is no balance there, and just quoting Israeli officials is misrepresenting the horrible reality of injustice in Israel/Palestine.

Also CBC has a quote about "Judea and Sumeria", just saying it is the Biblical name for the Wets Bank. This is misleading. This is the terminology used by Zionists who want Israel to incorporate all the West Bank into Israel. It is not just an innocent "Biblical term."

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