Thursday, April 9, 2015

CBC Consistently Misleading

Although this blog focusses on and on the Middle East, I think it is worth noting the following two misleading, essentially warmongering, things coming out of CBC over the last 24 hours:

1) Last night (April 8) while driving I was listening to the CBC 10:00 pm news and the news reader actually said the sanctions with Iran would be lifted if Iran began "dismantling its nuclear weapons program.". There is no nuclear weapons program in Iran. They are dismantling their nuclear energy program. Are the people at CBC so stupid to use this wording, or are they so corrupt? Tis is Zionist wording - it is not truth, it is lying. Why does CBC use it?

2) The situation in Ukraine is complex, but CBC's reporting is lopsided and misleading. CBC never fails to describe the resistance fighters in the east as "Russian-backed". CBC does not balance this by describing Kiev as American-backed. CBC calls the fighters "separatists", but probably most of them would be content to be a part of Ukraine, if only they rights were respected. CBC ignores the dirty role the West has played in overthrowing the elected government of Ukraine and disenfranchising the people in the East. Again are the CBC reporters just too stupid to be more balanced, or are they too corrupted.

Canadians deserve a public broadcaster that is not so incompetent, or so dishonest.

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