Wednesday, July 15, 2015

CBC worships Netanyahu

In the articles on the recent US-Iran deal, CBC repeatedly quotes Netanyahhu. It even attached a video of his speech denouncing the deal, which is full of the usual Israeli bullshit. Can someone explain to me why this man who less than a year ago butchered 500 children is given so much attention and respect???

Iran does not threaten to make war on Israel, but CBC would have us believe that these threats have been made. They do not exist. They are lies fabricated by Zionists, and repeated by our disgusting Harper, but these threats do not exist.

Israel is lying to try to appear the victim, needing to continually commit atrocities in the name of self defence. All Israel's atrocities are forgivable and ignorable because Israel is so at risk of annihilation. It is all bullshit. It is war-mongering bullshit, and CBC repeats these weaponized words.

Even Brian Stewart's article on the deal today (July 15) takes this bullshit as common sense fact:

I understand the powerful distrust of Iran that motivates those who believe the danger from that unpredictable and secretive regime is so life and death, so existential, that no compromise is possible.

Does this genius, Brian Stewart, not understand that the possibility exists that this whole claim of an existential threat to Israel from Iran MAY be fabricated to deflect from Israel's crimes? Is this not even worth mentioning? Of course, not. Not if you are working for Israel against Canadians.

This is the power of Israeli propaganda, willingly and repeatedly promulgated by our CBC. Nonsense and bullshit has become common sense and common knowledge.

CBC , I hope you get rewarded by Israel for your success in this, and your loyalty. As for your service to Canadians, that is an entirely another matter.

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