Friday, April 17, 2015

CBC Fails Again

The Canadian Government policy on Ukraine is moronic and dangerous.

CBC should be very careful on this issue, and try to be honest and accurate, but just like they do on Israel/Palestine they are spouting war-mongering propaganda again.

Look at this quote on the Canadian soldiers being sent to the Ukraine:

"A spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper said "Canada has demonstrated unyielding support for Ukraine in the face of ongoing aggression by the Putin regime."

CBC has failed in its responsibility to least mention that there is a civil war going on there. That the East was disenfranchised by the West-supported Western Ukraine. That Russia may not e the main villain here - it may be NATO and Canada.

Every time CBC mentions the fighter on Eastern Ukraine it uses the prefix "Russian-supported". This is propaganda writing. The West is NATO-supported. Why don't they say that every time? Actually they say it NEVER.

Has  CBC become congenitally incapable of being objective or telling the truth? It badly needs to be fixed.

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