Sunday, March 1, 2015

CBC Singles out Israel - Must be Anti-Semitic

On March 1st, the headline:

U.S. firm on Iran nuclear diplomacy ahead of Netanyahu speech

Why does CBC publish so much news about Israel? It is a small country, far away. According to the Harper Government, singling out Israel for special attention is a sign of anti-Semitism.

So CBC must be anti-Semitic!!!!

Harper and Israel-firster Irwin Cotler tell us that it is wrong to single out Israel for criticism, but in fact, there are plenty of very strong reasons why Israel should receive special attention. Perhaps one is the fact that Israel always get special attention from our media. How often to do we see the nonsense spouted by Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders quoted in CBC? But a bigger reason to single out Israel is the fact that we are complicit in the crimes of Israel n a way we are not complicit in the crimes of any other human rights abusing country.

Harper and Cotler want to silence criticism of Israel and they are doing it in the DIRTIEST way possible, by claiming it is racist to criticize Israel when the truth is that it is racist not to speak up for the abused Palestinians that are victims of Israel.

Harper and Cotler are DIRTY FIGHTERS. They are quite simply disgusting.

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