Wednesday, April 15, 2015

CBC's News Priorities

On April 15, this was one of the select headlines of the day on

Israelis worried that Holocaust may one day fade from memory

Poll for Israel's Holocaust Remembrance Day suggests event losing its resonance       

CBC has no space available to document or report on the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine. When children are brutalized and teenagers killed, it is not worthy of CBCs reporting. They will tell you it is just routine, so it is not newsworthy.

But two weeks ago the CBC headline was reporting that Anne Frank died one month earlier than is usually reported. Again how is this worthy of a headline?

And this article on the Holocaust, does not mention at all that Israeli youth has become increasingly racist against Arabs, and the whole purpose of remembering the Holocaust is not really so that it is not repeated, but is to justify violent, racist behaviour by Israeli youth and military..

 It is an ugly reality - the Holocaust, a horrific human rights tragedy is being used routinely by Zionists to underpin and justify and inspire a human rights tragedy against Palestinians.

But the Zionist stooges will faithfully repeat endless stories abut the Holocaust which happened 70 years ago, and never draw this obvious link to what Israeli are doing today.

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