Friday, December 18, 2015

Does CBC Have An Agenda?

For weeks now we have had continuous headlines about the San Bernadino tragedy. It was a terrible event, but does it rate this level of attention by CBC? Isn't this a part of a CBC agenda to put fear of Muslim terrorism at the front of everyone's minds, as if this is such a big problem. when in fact it is NOT?

Obviously demonizing Muslims and raising fear of Muslim terrorism serves Israel, so that probably explains the CBC obsession.

Yesterday an Israeli sniper intentionally shot a Canadian university researcher as she tried to photograph an Israeli army "skunk truck". CBC does not consider this news worth reporting.

Why not? Because it certainly shows Israel in a very bad light. Also the Canadian student-researcher that was shot was of Palestinian ethnic origin.

Can you imagine that CBC would ignore an incident if a Jewish Canadian was shot or injured by a "Palestinian terrorist'?

CBC does not work for all Canadians. CBC has an agenda to further the interests of one group of Canadians and this is shameful.

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