Thursday, March 19, 2015

Netanyahu and the World

On March 19 has a top headline article on Netanyahu's damaged relations with the world community.

The article is written as if the Palestinians are just an irrelevant element in the far background of the issue.

CBC shows its bias here again. The real issue, in fact, the only relevant issue, is the fact that the situation for the Palestinians has become worse; that the abuse they suffer will escalate, and there is no hope for justice for them. This is what CBC should be trumpeting.

Instead CBC is focusing on the relationship between the monstrous Netanyahu (and the monstrous Israeli electorate that voted for him) and his relationship on the MAMBY-PAMBY international community that has given justice for Palestinians nothing but lip service.

Clearly CBC is concerned about Israel preserving its phony reputation status in the world as a normal, decent country. CBC does not care what Israel does at home to its victims. CBC does not want to see Israel revealed for what it really is, and this is why THIS is the issue, not the worsened plight of the Palestinians.

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