Saturday, August 1, 2015

Palestinian Lives Matter

Notice how quickly the fire-bombing killing of the Palestinian toddler, and the burning of her parents over 90% of their bodies has dropped down in the news on CBC.

Last year when three illegal settler teenagers were killed it was top headline news for over a week, with sequels over the remainder of the summer.

Any non-prejudiced observer would have to admit that the killing of the baby with a fire bomb and burning the bodies of a whole family is at least equally horrendous to the killing of the three settlers, if not significantly more so.

But CBC clearly believes Israeli settler lives matter more than Palestinian lives. How disgustingly racist is this? How can Canadians tolerate this from their "national" broadcaster?

Already just two days after the atrocity, the focus of the CBC headlines is on the reaction by the angry Palestinians, and we can expect they will focus on any violence that occurs, but always from an Israeli perspective. The fact is that more unarmed Palestinians will be killed by the Israeli soldiers at these protests, while the perpetrators of the atrocity, and their supporters, will be let off very lightly. We can be sure that CBC will not report on these facts.

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