Friday, July 31, 2015

Lying sub-headline

While the world condemns Israel for the murder of a Palestinian toddler, CBC uses its coverage of this tragedy to further lie on behalf of Israel:

West Bank toddler's death sparks international condemnation

'We are dealing with Jewish terror that we haven't seen in a long time,' Israeli politician says

The truth is that Israeli, or Jewish terror, against Palestinians is a daily event. It is continuous; children are regularly killed, and the entire unarmed Palestinian population in the West Bank and Gaza are in fact "terrorized" and "terrified" by the threats and acts of Jewish violence.

Why does CBC put this lie by an Israeli in the sub-headline?

I keep asking myself why does CBC bend over so far backwards to protect Israel and even lie for Israel. Is it to please Harper and keep their funding? Or is it because CBC people are personally Zionists prepared to work for Israel against the interests of Canadians? I really don't know the truth, but either way it is reprehensible.

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