Sunday, August 30, 2015

CBC needs to learn English

It is a good thing that showed the video of an Israeli soldier climbing on top of a 14-year old Palestinian boy with a broken arm and repeatedly causing the helpless child great pain. Apparently it went viral and was seen by two million viewers on youtube.

But it is almost humorous to see the words CBC uses to describe what is in the video. It uses two words: "scuffle" and "altercation".

"Scuffle" is defined as "a confused fight in close quarters"

"Altercation" is defined as a "noisy argument in public".

Both of these words describe something else. They are nice words compared to the video's reality. There was no "fight" and no  "argument". It was pure and simple ABUSE of a CHILD. It was inhumane. It was savage. It was beastly. It was a powerful, big man climbing on top of a little boy and hurting him terribly. This was by no stretch of the imagination a "scuffle" which implies some equality in fighting between the participants. The boy was helpless. The Israeli soldier abused him heartlessly.

How can CBC call this an "altercation"? Give us a break!

More proof that CBC is working to protect Israel even when there is evidence that Israel's behaviour is intolerable.

I think we must also acknowledge that CBC's reporting is intolerable.

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