Monday, April 6, 2015

Israel and Iran

CBC again gives top headline space to the Israeli warmongers. Giving them so much attention is designed to legitimize them, even though their position is totally illegitimate.

Nowhere in the article does it try to balance the Israeli rhetoric and lies with some obvious facts, such as: 1) Israel's position is based on irrational racism - they claim that Iranians are untrustworthy, and cannot be given the same respect that other people are given; 2) That the possibility of an Iranian attack on Israel is LUDICROUS; it would be suicidal, and again this claim is based on racist belief that Iranians are crazed suicidal maniacs; 3) the Muslim holy places are in Israel, and Iran would not harm them with a nuclear attack; 4) the true likely motive of Israel;'s hysterical claims is a desire to deflect world attention from Israel's continuing crime against Palestinians.

If CBC is not prepared to mention any of these FACTS, then CBC is only doing Israel's propaganda work by repeatedly making headline news out of Israel's claims about Iran.

And since Israel wants war, CBC is warmongering, and we have to ask, how does this serve Canadians?

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