Friday, May 22, 2015

Unemployment in Gaza had a short report on the horrendous unemployment statistics in Gaza that were just released, but the CBC report was phrased as if to point the major blame for this on Hamas rather than on Israel which is the NUMBER ONE cause of all the suffering in Gaza.

Here is some of the misleading reporting:

"Israel and Egypt imposed the blockade on Gaza after Hamas violently seized the territory from forces loyal to the Western-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Israel says the blockade is necessary to prevent Hamas from getting weapons and building militant infrastructure, while critics say it amounts to collective punishment.

Since its takeover, Hamas has fought three wars with Israel, including 50 days of fighting last summer in which thousands of Gaza buildings were either destroyed or damaged. Over 2,200 Palestinians, including hundreds of civilians, were killed during the war. On the Israeli side, 67 soldiers and six civilians were killed."

Hamas won a legitimate election to be the democratically-elected government. CBC's wording here is a bald-faced lie.

The events in Gaza were not "wars"; they were Israeli massacres; far too one-sided to be called "wars" This is misleading.

And nowhere does the article report that Israel has denied entry to all building supplies to Gaza thus forcing all the residents of the buildings that Israel destroyed to still be living in tents and makeshift shelters eight months after the massacring stopped.

Of course, if no building materials are allowed in, there is no chance of local people being employed in construction and rebuilding.

Why did CBC even bother to report on this tragedy for the people of Gaza if CBC could not put their suffering into some meaningful context???

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