Wednesday, July 1, 2015

To Mourn on Canada Day

Canadians deserve better than paid for with their taxes. On his day we should be aware of how we are abused by Canadians who take salaries from us but work for a foreign state, and then with chutzpah claim to be the guardians of ethics.

Three days ago in an act of international piracy the Israeli military seized a ship on the high seas, 100 nautical miles (almost 200 kilometers) from any land. This ship was taken against its will to Israel, and two Canadians on board, who were effectively kidnapped, have been held in prison in Israel ever since.

Piracy and kidnapping involving Canadian citizens and CBC does not think this is news???? Look at what was on their site today: a headline about Ben Affleck's divorce, and yet another Holocaust story from 70 years ago.

I this an accident or an oversight? It cannot be. It is a conscious decision by the Zionists at CBC to keep news that reflects badly on Israel from the Canadian public. This is not serving Canadians. It is serving a foreign state against the interests of Canadians.

On this Canada Day, we should mourn this travesty and this abuse of our press freedoms. CBC should be working for Canada, not Israel.

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