Friday, February 27, 2015

CBC - Keep the Misinformation Strong

Today Neil Macdonald, a true non-expert on Islam, provided an article on Obama' attempt to bring a little bit of needed perspective to the world news, that CBC tries so hard to keep skewed against Muslims.

Why Barack Obama won't say 'Islamic extremists'

Macdonald keeps the skewing alive and well. Let's face it - Israel needs the world to hate Muslims and CBC does what Israel wants.

Nowhere does Macdonald acknowledge the facts: 1) in the 20th century every Muslim territory came under the colonial control of Christian countries and thus they are in a position of weakness and humiliation; 2) Christian religious extremists, and there are plenty of them in the US Military are involved in the mass murdering of Muslims in the Middle East; 3) we don't call them Christianist extremists, nor do we call the rabid Israeli settlers - Judaist extremists; and it goes on.

What Obama is trying, feebly, to do is right and good, and CBC and Macdonald are supporting the warmongers and forces of evil as usual

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