Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What CBC Does not Report

CBC made headline news of a barrage of harmless rockets into Israel the other day, as if this is news. It was a relatively mild "retaliation" for the killing and wounding of thousands of Palestinians, but for CBC this was something unacceptable and therefore newsworthy.

But two other things happened in Gaza, that do not reflect well on Israel so CBC chose not to report them:

1) A Gaza man set himself on fire and died as an act of protest against the hopeless conditions of life in Gaza.

2) A boatload of Palestinians wounded by Israeli gunfire tried to sail out of Gaza to seek medical care elsewhere, but were stopped and sent back to the prison which is Gaza,

These are interesting stories, and they are relevant to events in the Israel/Palestine conflict. They are more unique and therefore newsworthy than a few rockets, but rockets make Hamas look bad, and these stories would make Israel look bad.

CBC is in the business of weaponizing words. By hiding the reality of injustices and crimes against Palestinians, and echoing Israeli propaganda, they are empowering Israel to continue with its crimes, approaching genocide, against the Palestinians.

CBC is complicit in these murders, and we Canadian taxpayers by funding CBC are also complicit in these murders. How long must we tolerate CBC dragging us into their dirt?

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