Monday, May 14, 2018

CBC, headline OK, but lots of bad text

CBC got the headline right, for a change:

Palestinian death toll rises in protests against U.S. Embassy opening in Jerusalem

At least 55 demonstrators killed by Israeli soldiers during protests along Gaza border

But the text is rife with quotes from Israelis that are pure nonsense, and they are not adequately balanced with a bit of truth from the Palestinian side.

CBC quotes Netanyahu who says the killing of unarmed protesters is a legitimate act of "self-defence", and that Israel acted violently because of the fear of a breach of the border fence. Bullshit - Israel just wanted to scare the Palestinians away from carrying out their legitimate protests. Israel was never at risk for one second.

CBC also quotes Israeli sources saying Palestinians were actually at the border fence and trying to cross. This is almost certainly a lie. This action would be purely suicidal and accomplish nothing. Yet CBC quotes Israeli sources saying there were "significant" incidents at the border fence. At least CBC put this in scare quotes, because it almost certainly untrue, but why even publish this?   

Why all these Israeli quotes, but not even a sentence to highlight the fact that not a single Israeli suffered a scratch or a bruise, while they killed 80 unarmed people. Is this not a relevant fact, more worthy of publishing than a litany of Israeli lies.?

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