Friday, May 18, 2018

Disproportionate text to Israel's defence

In today's article:

Israel's response in Gaza was 'disproportionate': UN human rights chief

Israel, U.S. slam the UN session, with an American official calling the council 'a broken body'

CBC gave half the text over to defenders of Israel's criminal behaviour. This was disproportionate. Israel's defence is weak to non-existent, so it did not deserve so much text. Even the sub-headline had wording to seriously weaken the truth and severity of the criticism of Israel's behaviour.

Why couldn't CBC just report the fact of the condemnation of Israel which was so rightly deserved?

You can be certain that if the UN criticized another country for obvious human rights abuses, CBC  would not spend half or more of the text giving arguments in defence of the obvious human rights abuser.

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