Thursday, May 17, 2018

Derek Stofel CBC reporter can't get the story straight

Here is what he wrote today:

Across Gaza, Palestinians are demanding action after 60 people were killed in a bloody day of violence on Monday. Israeli forces used live ammunition during mass protests to stop demonstrators from penetrating the barrier that separates Gaza from Israel.

This is Israeli bullshit. Israeli snipers were killing people that were nowhere near the fence, and who were not going to put even one toe across the border fence.

Israeli snipers were killing unarmed people to frighten them away from their protest demonstrations. Israel was saying with its bullets "Go home to your prison in Gaza or we will kill you."

Why does Stofel write this bullshit? Because he knows if you want to work in the media in Canada, and especially for CBC, you need to follow the Zionist narrative and repeat Israeli lines and misinformation.

Also in the article why is he quoting Netanyahu? This is a fascist, racist leader of killers who should be treated as a pariah, not endlessly quoted by CBC even when his remarks are stomach-churningly false and awful. The world hears far too much from this tinpot leader of an evil Mickey Mouse country. Someone should count up the words CBC has quoted from this turd and other Israeli mouthpieces and compare it to the number of words quoted from other much more honest, and respectable world leaders (and of course, that does not include Trump).

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