Wednesday, May 30, 2018

CBC Can't Get the Story Straight

Here are some quotes from today's article. This refers to the exchange of rockets from Gaza with missiles from Israel over the last couple days:

Gaza's Hamas rulers said Wednesday they had agreed to a ceasefire with Israel to end the largest flare-up of violence between the sides since a 2014 war.

For CBC the killing of 116 Palestinians and wounding thousands more does not count as an act of violence. Clearly for CBC Palestinian lives do not matter.

This claim is a lie:

Hamas initially billed the weekly border protests as a call to break through the fence and return to homes that were lost 70 years ago during the war surrounding Israel's establishment    

The march to the border was never designed to breach the border. Never. By saying this, CBC is trying to justify the killing of unarmed protestors far from the border. This is an Israeli lie that CBC is repeating as if it had an iota of truth. It was a total fabrication.

And in another lie, CBC described the demonstrations of the last several weeks as "Hamas-led".
The demonstrations involved Hamas, the elected government of Gaza, but it was not solely Hamas-led as Israel likes to claim falsely, and CBC wants to repeat endlessly. It was enough to say there were protests. There was no need to add this false embellishment.

Are CBC journalists so dull-witted that they cannot hide their bias any better than this?

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