Sunday, May 13, 2018

CBC - Echoing Israeli Propaganda

The Zionist propagandists are making much of a supposed threat of a mass breach of the border fence with Gaza, and of course CBC is helping them.

Israel boosts Gaza border force as U.S. prepares to open Jerusalem embassy

This breach will not happen, because it would result in the mass murder of thousands of Palestinian civilians - yes, thousands. They will not breach the fence because they know how brutal, racist, and vicious the Israeli military would react. It would accomplish nothing except mass death.

The real issues that CBC will never publish are these:

1) How desperate the Israelis know the people of Gaza are, and they have made them. If the Israelis really believe that they will breach the wall (which they do not), they must also believe that the people of Gaza are suffering so much that they would welcome mass death. If the Israelis really believe this, where is their conscience that they make this happen?

2) Everyone knows that the Israeli military would freely commit mass murder of border breachers without blinking an eye - so much for the supposedly moral army. Everyone knows this - so the breach will not happen.

3) What Israel fears, and the only thing that Israel fears, is the bad publicity that they will receive if they commit mass murder. Israel is a country founded on a pile of lies and propaganda, kept believable by the mass medias like CBC, but if that barrier of falsehood is ever breached, Israel could collapse. 

Israel does not fear the people of Gaza, Israel only fears the Truth. But CBC will work overtime to suppress the Truth about Israel.

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