Thursday, May 24, 2018

CBC - Being Ironic?

The main message of Derek Stoffel's article in today is that journalism must be more accurate. He cites the example of possible misreporting on the death of one baby in Gaza. But look how he started his article:

Unarmed Palestinians marched toward the fence separating Gaza from Israel, calling for freedom. Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers used live ammunition and tear gas to protect citizens on the other side of the barrier.

Basically he is claiming that the Gazans attacked, and Israel defended. This bears no relationship to the reality, but it makes Israel look justified which is his and CBC's goal.

The reality should have stated that: Palestinians, exercising their legitimate right to protest peacefully against the great injustices done against them, marched to their own side of the border fence, and Israelis shot to kill them, contrary to international law, as a means of ending these legitimate demonstrations.

Unlike Stoffel's first line, the Palestinians did not attack, and the Israelis did not defend themselves. How do you write an article advocating accuracy in journalism, and begin it with this total inversion of reality biassed in favour of the offending side? Is this the best CBC can do?

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