Monday, May 14, 2018

CBC Not Reporting, Not Even a Scratch

CBC glibly writes about violence on the Gaza border:

Dozens killed near Israel-Gaza border fence as U.S. celebrates Jerusalem embassy

Hamas has suggested a border breach is possible; Israel says there will be dire consequences if so

But CBC fails to mention that not even a single Israeli soldier received even a single bruise or scratch. This is relevant information, but CBC prefers to talk ambiguously about violence, somehow pretending that both sides are being equally violent. Note "dozens killed" but omitting the words "by Israeli snipers".

Also the sub-heading includes the bullshit claim that Hamas was threatening a border breach. This will not happen, because Hamas knows they are not facing the British in the time of Gandhi, but they are facing an army that will cut every unarmed man, woman, and child down with massive firepower if the border is actually breached.

Stop pretending that the people of Gaza are suicidal. Breaching the fence would be pure suicide. Israel will show not an iota of compassion for anyone that crosses the border and the Palestinians know this.

And CBC knows this too, but it keeps repeating that nonsense claim that there will be a border breach.

This nonsense claim gives the supposed justification for Israel to commit slaughter on the border - on the Gaza side of the border. They are pretending to be SO AFRAID of the Palestinians. Either the Israelis are the biggest cowards on the face of the earth, or they are the most heartless killers. Which is it, CBC?

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