Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Why does CBC always insist that Palestinians provoke and Israel retaliates?

The reality is that Israel is daily harming, including humiliating, restricting, imprisoning, dispossessing, and even killing Palestinians, but according to CBC none of this warrants or justifies any kind of retaliation from Palestinians. If the Palestinians take any aggressive action, CBC treats it as if it started in a vacuum. Over the past several months of the supposed ceasefire, Israel has killed a number of unarmed Palestinians in Gaza, but this is defined  as "quiet", while a few ineffective Palestinian rockets is treated as an unprovoked aggression. This is the article on April 3, 2013:


Israel hits Gaza in retaliatory attacks

Airstrikes 1st since strikes in November when Palestinian rockets hit southern Israel

Israeli sources are quoted in this short article 11 times. YES, count them. Eleven times! The Palestinian group that claims responsibility for these rockets (it was not Hamas), said that they were in response to the death of Palestinians in Israeli custody.

Why does CBC quote Israeli sources 11 times, but could not at least have included this one Palestinian statement that gives a Palestinian justification and balances out the silly, meaningless issue of "who started it" (according to CBC, it is always the Palestinians who started it anyway).

In this article there is another example of the grossly imbalanced quoting of Israeli sources:

During eight days of violence in November, the Israeli military said 1,500 rockets were fired at Israel, including the first from Gaza to strike the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem areas. The rocket attacks killed six Israelis and wounded dozens. Israeli airstrikes killed 169 Palestinians and caused considerable damage.

This quoting of an Israeli military source appears to be intended to provide some context to the recent rocket firing. It suggests that Palestinians are just addicted to firing rockets and they just cannot get it out of their system.

But if CBC were interested in providing meaningful context, it would not rely on Israeli military sources, and at least would include the tally of rocket strikes made by Israel on Gaza in November 2012, as well as some reference to the murder of unarmed Palestinians by Israel since the November ceasefire.

CBC's reporting on this issue is so imbalanced that it constitutes a crime against Canadians, and an act of war against Palestinians. What have Palestinians ever done to Canada to justify this hostility to them by CBC?

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