Monday, April 15, 2013


In keeping with his policy of seeking to harm Palestinians for the sake of Israel, Canada's half-witted Foreign Minister broke protocol and held a meeting on April 9th with an Israeli Minister in the Israeli-occupied territory of East Jerusalem.

East Jerusalem is classified as "occupied territory" by the United Nations, and almost every government in the world, including officially by Canada. Israel is the only government that has begun to call all the areas it occupies as "disputed territories". Israel's naming is fully in keeping with its unstated, but obvious, policy of ethnic cleansing as many Palestinians as possible out of these territories, and eventually incorporating it into Israel proper. This is a disgraceful, immoral policy and no other government on earth has officially endorsed it.

Nevertheless all the following Canadian media sources, in writing about Baird's action, used the phrase "disputed territories" to describe East Jerusalem:

Vancouver Sun
Ottawa Citizen
McLeans Magazine
Global Media
Toronto Star
National Post
Canadian Press

Even CBC initially used "disputed territories" in an online headline, but then having  been criticized for it, revised their headline to delete this phrase.

How is it that Israel can teach Canadian journalists how to speak English? How is it that Canadian journalists take guidance from Israel, and Israel alone, in what words to use to describe Middle East events? There is something seriously wrong with this.

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