Saturday, March 30, 2013

CBC Digging Dirt on Muslims

On March 30, 2013 CBC online published an article on Egypt, reporting on some undemocratic actions by the new Egyptian Government. CBC is very diligent at reporting on all the failings of Arab governments, but is generally silent on the even greater human rights abuses being carried out by the Israeli Government.

The frequent CBC articles on Arab and Iranian shortcomings are excessive, to the point of appearing to be a campaign of villification. This demonisation of Arabs and Iranians would fit very well with Israeli propaganda and that is likely the reason for it.

If one looks at the comments to the March 30th article, you will see the strategy is working somewhat, as many of them write about the inferiority of Muslim and Arab culture as the explanation for all the dirt CBC is digging up.

One comment made under the alias "Lemmy Caution" was particularly disgusting and inappropriate:

who can blame Burma-Myanmar ....they know exactly who they are dealing with
...the M's ... full steam backwards since 632 AD

This comment was not even relevant to the topic. The M's are obviously the Muslims, and the writer is referring to recent pogroms against Muslims in Burma, suggesting that killing, attacking, dispossessing Muslims is justified.

I reported this as "Hate Speech - Islamophobia", but CBC rejected my report and did not remove this comment.

If a comment had said "Who can blame Hitler for the Holocaust...he knew who he was dealing with ... the J's ....full steam backwards for thousands of years." there is no doubt that CBC would have immediately removed the comment as anti-Semitic.

Is there no decent staffer at CBC that can identify hate speech unless it is directed at Jews?

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