Tuesday, April 30, 2013


The same article discussed above was given a new headline later in the day.

The new headline is even worse and more inflammatory than the first headline.

Ignoring al-Qaeda, Iran links 'extraordinarily foolish'

We have keep in mind that the context of this article is the planned terrorist attack in Canada, so the implication of all this phony connection to Iran, is that the Government of Iran is planning to attack Canada.

The original headline was classical war journalism. One could hardly find a better example of weaponizing words than this headline. Every syllable in this headline is designed to pave the way to war. These words are as clearly designed to draw blood as the bombs, rockets, warplanes, etc that are being prepared for an Israeli/American illegal attack on Iran.

We have to ask CBC how much of this blood will be Canadian blood? Why is CBC weaponizing its words like this?

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