The lead line of this article was the following:

Given the ideological differences between the Sunni militant group al-Qaeda and the theocratic Shia government in Iran, recent allegations that the two groups had conspired in a foiled attack in Canada struck many observers as odd.

CBC implied with all its misleading reporting on the Canadian arrests that there was a connection to the Iranian Government, but no one with an ounce of credibility ever alleged any connection. How did CBC's duplicitous implications morph into "allegations"?

An attack on a passenger train in Canada would be a criminal, stupid, futile act, unworthy of any but the most depraved individuals. It is not even vaguely related to the behaviour of an established government like that of Iran. There is absolutely no reason in the world to think that the Government of Iran would see any merit or benefit in a stupid attack like that. It is stupid of CBC to imply it; it is stupid to allege it. Or perhaps, more likely it was knowingly false, and is just a part of CBC's Zionist-inspired war-mongering against Iran.

CBC draws some religious links between  al Qaeda and Iran, such as their support for the notion of an Islamic state, and desire to see their ideas propagated widely. However to imply or allege that because they both would like to see their religions prosper and expand, that it is then possible that they would conspire in an act as asinine and useless as putting a bomb on a Canadian train is patently absurd.

Many Christians are against abortion, but to imply or allege that the government of a majority-Christian country like Canada is possibly involved in supporting or encouraging the actions of a fanatic that murders an abortion doctor would be seen as anyone as absurd. No not just absurd, libelous, prejudiced, and we would immediately want to determine why anyone would make such a ridiculous connection. Why is CBC publishing this article that makes the same kind of ridiculous connection?

Hitler was a vegetarian. Does that mean we should consider all vegetarians possible mass murders?

The whole CBC article from beginning to end was riddled with misrepresentations and together with its disgusting headline strongly tries to implicate the Iranian Government in a crime in Canada to which it could not possibly, by any stretch of the imagination, be connected.

Here CBC quotes a notorious Islamophobe, one who can be expected to make ridiculous claims to defame Muslims:

"I think it would be extraordinarily foolish to ignore the obvious manifestations and likelihood of further co-operation between the Iranian regime and Sunni Islamic extremists, including al-Qaeda," says David Harris, an Ottawa-based lawyer and director of Insignis Strategic Research.

Another outspoken critic of Islam, himself a Muslim, Tarek Fatah is quoted:

"Osama might never have collaborated with Iran, but the Iranians were co-operating with al-Qaeda," Fatah says.

In an effort to root out the planners of the Sept. 11 attacks, the U.S. declared war on Afghanistan in 2001. As a result, a number of senior al-Qaeda members who had been the guests of the Taliban in Afghanistan took refuge in neighbouring Iran, according to Seth Jones, author of the book Hunting in the Shadows: The Pursuit of al-Qaeda since 9/11.

As further proof of Iranian co-operation with al-Qaeda, Fatah cites an example involving Ahmed Said Khadr, the late father of Canadian-born extremist Omar Khadr and a known al-Qaeda operative. According to Michelle Shepherd's 2008 book, Guantanamo's Child: The Untold Story of Omar Khadr, Ahmed drove his daughter, Zaynab, to Tehran so she could marry another al-Qaeda member.

This is brilliant analysis. The fact that Iran allowed refugees from Afghanistan to enter Iran is one proof of cooperation. And then "further proof" is the fact that some al Qaeda members were allowed to marry in Tehran. Yes, indeed, this is reason and proof enough to believe that it is possible that the Iranian Government would participate along with al Qaeda to bomb trains in Canada. In what Orwellian, Upside-down, Alice in Wonderland world would these "proofs" have an relevance or relationship to the Canadian bomb plot?

And the final quote in the article is from the moronic Islamophobe, David Harris, again:

He says if the Shia Islamists that head up the theocratic regime in Tehran "feel they're in a cosmic battle" against the West, then "it's not surprising that they might link up with the dreaded Sunni in order to fight the first round — and then maybe do in the Sunnis at an appropriate moment."

Yes, bombing a passenger train in Canada, in cooperation with al Qaeda wingnuts,  would make sense to the Government of Iran as "fighting the first round" in a battle against the West.

This entire article is an attempt to demonize Iran and somehow imply, or even allege, that Iran is attacking Canada. This is an absurd implication and allegation, and it could not have just been made out of ignorance. Also we must not forget that this article exists in the context of many other anti-Iranian articles and a strong propaganda push from Israel and some powerful people in the USA to start a pre-emptive war against Iran. This article is war-mongering, classical war journalism. It is also anti-Canadian, because it is seeking to deceive Canadians in the interest of foreign states, particularly Israel.