Monday, April 29, 2013


Robert Fisk, a journalist with the Independent of the UK, and a true Middle East expert, is currently traveling in Canada and was approached for his views on whether the Syrian Government was using chemical weapons. He wrote about this as follows in this article:

"In two Canadian TV studios, I am approached by producers brandishing the same headline. I tell them that on air I shall trash the "evidence" – and suddenly the story is deleted from both programmes. Not because they don't want to use it – they will later – but because they don't want anyone suggesting it might be a load of old cobblers."

The headlines were reporting on claims from Israel and the USA that there is evidence that the Syrian Government is using chemical weapons against the rebels. This is highly unlikely but CBC and Canadian media are not saying that. Rather in good war journalism style, they are reporting these questionable, war-justifying claims, as reliable. Fisk who knows much better, and has no war agenda, would be a reliable informant - at least to provide balance to what is coming out of Israel and the US. Why do Canadian journalist avoid reporting his views on this important issue.

I often wonder if the unbalanced, and often inane, reporting by CBC on the Middle East is just the result of ignorance, or intentionally misleading and dishonest. The above suggests that there is a strong element of intentionality in their asinine reporting.

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