Monday, April 8, 2013


On April 7, 2013 this article was published:

Gaza police crackdown targets long-haired youth, group says

How is this important enough to warrant this special coverage? Of course, it is unpleasant, but much, much worse things are happening in the area that CBC chooses to ignore.

For example, recently inside Israel there has been a spate of unprovoked, racist attacks on Palestinian citizens of Israel by Israelis. Arabs have been attacked at bus stops, or just while walking down the street. Israeli newspapers are publishing articles lamenting the growth of the ugliest kind of raciast behavioutr in Israeli society. Another example that CBC chooses to ignore are the ugly attacks on Jewish women and young girls by Orthodox  Jews in Jerusalem. Little girls are being spat on and called "whores" for wearing school uniform skirts. CBC has nothing to say about these vastly worse incidents that happen almost daily in Israel. Instead a few isolated cases of extremist behaviour by Hamas police gets big coverage.

Why is this? Is it because CBC is keen to publish anything that makes Israel's enemies (victims) look bad, but avoids publishing anything that makes Israel look bad? Then why is this? Why does CBC protect Israel, and defame Palestinians? Is there something in the CBC mandate that mandates this?

If one looks at the comments following the above article, it is clear what kind of emotions CBC was trying to elicit with this article. Here are just a few samples of the most popular comments:

CBC does not want to publish an article about Israeli racism or abuse of little girls. It might inspire people to think and comment along the same lines. People might write "How can Canada support Israelis when they behave like this?" or "Why don't the Israelis progress with the rest of the modern world?", Or even a one word description of Israelis as "barbarians".

Well CBC will not publish articles that put Israelis in a bad light, and if they did, and comments like the above appeared, they would all probably be deleted as "anti-Semitic".

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